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[su_tab title=”Tax advice”]

Being aware that a good organization in the tax area is a priority to achieve success in their projects, we offer our clients a high quality tax advice. Among our services we include:

  • Previous advice for the creation of your company.
  • Advice concerning grants you and your company can get.
  • Document management and submission in tlhe Tax Agency and the Mercantile Register.
  • Preparation and submission of tax obligations.
  • Preparation of quarterly, monthly and annual statements within established deadlines.


[su_tab title=”Accounting advice”]

  • Advice and management of the accounting of your company.
  • Register books.
  • Quarterly and anual balance.
  • Management of withholding tax.
  • Document management.
  • Preparation of tax obligations.


[su_tab title=”Labour advice”]

  • Management of contracts, salaries, as well as suspensión of contracts.
  • Management of withholding tax.
  • Necessary procedures in Social Security.
  • Advice in legal labour proceedings.


[su_tab title=”Non-profit entities”]

We are specialised in the management of non-profit entities, so that they can focus on their social purpose while being up-to-date with their tax and mercantile obligations or rights.


[su_tab title=”Individuals”]

Income Tax Return, tax advice for acquisition of properties, advice in tax obligations (Wealth Tax, Property Tax, Personal Income Tax…).


Preparation and submission of tax obligations: Non-residents Income Tax Return, properties income, wealth tax, VAT, special taxes, etc.

Inheritances and donations

We manage both the tax and law parts related to inheritances, successions or donations.

Buying and selling properties

We offer law and tax advice previously and after the purchase or sale of properties.



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